We excel at all aspects of Andalucían life and we offer them to you from an authentic perspective – and from inside! 

We know very well that no-one likes stereotypes, because of the negative vibes which they carry.

But why should these ideas always be negative?

We at 2B Experiences are willing to go to battle for these ideas, in order to grant them the value which they deserve.

That’s because for us, the uniqueness of Andalucía contains something of …


And we’re not talking about over-excited women, straight out of a soap opera.

We’re talking gorges, mountains, wetlands and meadows.

We’re talking fields of olive trees and luminous sunsets.

We’re talking the beauty of the Andalucían landscape.


“A life free from stress” has nothing to do with that old chestnut about Andalucian laziness.

We’re not afraid of hard work.  And that’s it.

However, we’re aware that there’s more to life than merely producing;  We want to look after ourselves and those we love – socializing, celebrating, finding time to pause and reflect – these things are the key to a happy life.


Shall we spend the day clapping out the rhythm, and dancing flamenco?

You know the answer to that!

Art continues to breathe in our streets, in the architecture, in our time-honored bars and in family celebrations, loaded with emotional meaning.

… and we want to share all of this with women who are enthusiastic about learning these things without introducing false preconceived ideas.  And above all, learning without rushing.

Discover the treasures of Ronda with us.  Soak up the richness which really matters: the richness of the little things

2B Experiences is the creation of Sergio Sedeño, his vision of showing the great classic beauties of Andalucía from a slow (relaxed) perspective, the best perspective for discovering new places and feeling the pleasure of doing so in the rhythm of the countryside, not that of the city.

Using the mountains of the Serranía de Ronda as our base, Sergio suggests escaping together from everyday noise, and finding a state of calmness, happi-ness and tranquility.

We’ll achieve this through five experiences, each one specifically made to measure, designed to take into account:

–   The impact of the landscape on our emotions: with this in mind, we will overnight in remote lodges, places which will help liberate us from the tensions of urban life.

–  The importance of dealing with the customer one-on-one.  We work only with small groups, because we want to personalize your route.

– Enjoying life’s simple pleasures, like a welcome meal after a hike, or contem-plating a sky full of stars at the very end of the day.

Nothing is left to chance: we’ve thought of everything, in order to bring you experiences which will linger long in your memory.

Would you like to know more about Sergio?

Would you like to know more about Sergio?

1. He was born and raised in Cataluña, but at 29 years of age he fell in love with Ronda and has lived here ever since.

2. He has enjoyed a long and happy career in planning tourism, culminating in the creation and organization of Ronda Romántica, a major annual event involving thousands of people.

3.  He is a very friendly and impeccably-connected man, who can work miracles with just a phone call or two.

4. He loves reading and sports (but his friends say he’s far better at watching than participating!)


In 2B Experiences we have the best of all worlds.  This is the “dream team”, without whom your experiences would not be what they are.

Benito Gómez

Benito Gómez

Benito knows Ronda. 

From his two restaurants, this adopted son of Ronda pays tribute to the pantry of the mountains with its fabulous cuisine. A commitment to the quality of the ingredi-ents and the following of traditional recipes that has earned him no less than 2 Michelin stars.

Antonio Naranjo

Antonio Naranjo

Antonio loves Ronda above all else.  And that works out perfectly for us.

He is a veteran guide who has worn out a lot of shoe leather walking the streets of our city.  History, legends, stories and Andalucian grace will keep you close company while you’re in Antonio’s hands

And to finish, the four basics of 2B Experiences


One-day experiences whose ingredients are Nature, good eating … and our customers!


In small groups, putting emphasis on direct contact and understanding travel in terms of well-being.


In the Serranía de Ronda. We will visit the most beautiful villages of our zone, places like Grazalema and Zahara de la Sierra and we will explore some well-known tracks.


Because we want to awaken in you the pleasant sensations that are buried by what you do from day to day.


Si tienes una agencia y te gusta nuestra filosofía de trabajo,  no dudes en contactarnos para empezar a distribuir nuestras experiencias.

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