Ruta de los viajeros románticos

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Exclusive tour The Romantic Travellers

We transfer to today the excitement of travelling to Ronda in the 19th century. Adventures, stories of bandits and a wild nature as wild as it is fascinating.

The essential
  • Initial session of yoga or meditation.
  • Guided visit to the Cueva de la Pileta
  • Lunch at Secret Paradise
  • Pantanillo hiking route
  • Return to accommodation
  • Dinner for Benito Gómez —2 Michelin Stars— at Hotel Cueva del Gato (OPTIONAL)

This is a day in the style of “romantic travellers”

The comfortable 2B Experiences van will pick you up at your hotel. Inside, the atmosphere is full of excitement. Your travel companions are just as nervous as you about everything that lies ahead.

Sergio welcomes you at the meeting point and introduces you to Isa, your yoga / meditation instructor. The morning session is your favourite.

After the energizing meditation, we go with the hiking route: the Pantanillo route. This easily walk puts before you the beautiful range of flora typical of the area: stunted trees, gall oaks and poplars.

And speaking of time… it’s time to eat. And we do it in a place that leaves you speechless in a expectacular finca called the Secret Paradise.

Later we visit the Cueva de la Pileta. It is a fantastically decorated cave, preserved by the descendants of its discoverer. They guide you through its passages full of beautiful prehistoric cave paintings and impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Entering the Cueva de la Pileta is like travelling back in time and you love the feeling.

To end the day,

Back at the hotel, you take a moment to relax in the shower and look pretty for the chic event you’ve signed up for. You are going to have dinner at a wonderful farm, where Benito Gómez, chef of the Bardal and Tragatá restaurants, design for you a menu, with two Michelin Stars to his credit.

This is the icing on a perfect day. You are sorry that it is over, but you know that it will not take long to repeat with 2B Experiences.

Who is the Romantic Travellers tour for?

2B Experiences recommends this experience to anyone interested in spending a day outdoors.

So if you are wanting to surround yourself with nature, visit some of the places most appreciated by romantic travellers of the 19th century and end the day with a dream dinner, this is your tour.

We want you to completely break with your daily routines and live a day full of fresh air, wild nature and products of the earth.

Because for us, being romantic is being natural. Do you dare?

Wait, do you have an agency and would you like to sell this experience?

If romantic travellers abound in your clientele, get in touch with us. We will give you all the information to distribute it.



Prepare your day inspired by Romantic Travellers with 2B Experiences

Here we give you all the information you need so that you come prepared and nothing catches you unexpectedly.

  • This tour includes a low difficulty hiking trail.
  • We recommend bringing appropriate clothing, long pants and footwear for the mountain.
  • It is also advisable to bring a backpack with water, a snack, sunglasses, sunscreen and, if the weather is good, a swimsuit.

What we provide

A guide who’s an expert in the zone, and who speaks your language

Monitor of yoga or meditation

Travel for the whole day

Guided visit to the Cueva de la Pileta

Food in the Secret Paradise

The chance to customize your route

Three excellent reasons not to miss out on the Route of the Romantic Travellers

A cave of deep mysterie

The cave paintings and geological formations of the Cueva de la Pileta will make you travel to the ends of history without leaving Andalusia.

The Pantanillo Route

A pleasant walk between gall oaks and cork oaks with impressive views.

Dinner Design

An avant-garde dinner with mountain roots from the hand of a chef with two Michelin stars.


The itinerary

The Romantic Travellers tour begins at your hotel, where our driver will pick you up. Then it waits for you, to bring you back later:

The activities

Meditation or yoga session

◆ Cueva de la Pileta

◆ Lunch at Secret Paradise

◆ Pantanillo hiking route

◆ Return to accommodation

✺✺2 Michelin star dinner at Hotel Cueva del Gato (Optional)

Y no olvides que solo por reservar en nuestra web


You will not find this tour offered cheaper anywhere on the web.


We pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation in our private vehicle.

The Option to Customize

Because you deal with us direct, we can include activities which we ourselves had not planned.

Tour summary The Romantic Travelers

  • Duration: Pick up at 9:00 am and return to the hotel at 6:00 pm.If you complete the day with the Dinner Design experience, our private vehicle will pick you up again at your hotel at 7:00 p.m. and will take you back at the end of the event.● Distances from the hiking trails: 3 km● Dates: This tour takes place on Fridays, throughout the year.● Hours: 9:00 am: Hotel pickup – 9:30 am: Hiking route Pantanillo- 13:30 am: Lunch at Secret Paradise – 4:00 pm. Pileta Cave  – 6:00 p.m.: return to the hotel.● Dinner Design schedule (optional activity): 7:00 p.m.: hotel pick-up – 7:30 p.m.: arrival at Cueva del Gato Hotel- 8:30 p.m.: Meditation – 9:00 p.m. Dinner Design Dinner by Benito Gómez
Make your reservation for the Romantic Travellers Tour

Do you have any doubts?

We try to solve them here:

Is it safe to take the Romantic Travellers tour despite Covid-19?

  • Yes, it is. We take all necessary measures to protect both our clients and all the workers involved in our experiences.

Does the Romantic Travellers Tour include Benito Gómez's dinner at Hotel Cueva del Gato?

  • No. Dinner Design by Benito Gómez is an independent experience. However, we offer the possibility of adding it to the morning tour to live a round day from dawn to dawn.

Is this route only for women?

  • No, of course you can come accompanied by a man. Although our main type of client are women, we welcome anyone who wants to spend a pleasant day outdoors.

And can my children come?

  • The philosophy of 2B Experiences is to facilitate a carefree day for our clients and our routes are designed to meet that objective. Consequently, we prefer not to mix different profiles so that the experience is pleasant for all. However, if you want to organize a private tour with your whole family, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to plan it.

Do I need to bring a mat to practice yoga or meditation?

  •  It is not necessary, since 2B Experiences we provide it to you. However, if you prefer, you can also bring your own.

What happens if I am forced to cancel my reservation?

  • You can cancel without any cost with a maximum of 24 hours in advance.

Can I make the payment in cash on the day of the route?

  • We do not offer this possibility. Payments are made through our website, automatically and completely secure.

Can I give the exclusive tour The Romantic Travelers to a friend?

  • Of course. Write to us to provide us with your information and we will proceed to confirm your reservation.

Can I leave my things in the vehicle? For example, if I bring a change of shoes or buy a souvenir.

  • Yes, since the vehicle will be the same throughout the journey.

I am an agency and I would like to sell this experience, how do I do it?

  • Please, contact us and we will give you all the information, including our special price for agencies.

Have you decided?

We hope we have clarified any possible question, but do not hesitate to write to us if you need more information.

And if you are one of those convinced and you want to live a day full of nature, booking with us from our website is very easy and has all the advantages that we have told you.

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