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Exclusive White Villages Tour

Take a tour of two of the little jewels of popular Andalusian architecture: Grazalema and Zahara de la Sierra, part of the famous White Villages route. Whitewashed houses, winding alleys and heart-stopping slopes bear witness to a vibrant past with Roman, Muslim and Christian influences.

The essential

● Initial yoga session: saluting the sun

● Visit to Payoyo Cheese with tasting

● Visit to Grazalema and lunch at Casa Martín

● Hiking route in Cerro Coros

● Visit to Zahara de la Sierra.

● Dinner for Benito Gómez — 2 Michelin Stars — at Finca La Algaba (OPTIONAL)

What is a ”White Villages” day like?

 Do not miss out on the detail, which spells it all out:

Our private transport picks you up at your hotel. Here you get to know who will be your companions during the day.

At the meeting point, Sergio and Isa welcome you. She is the one who guides you in your morning yoga session.

After greeting the sun, you return to the transport to go to what will be the first activity of the day: the visit to a livestock farm (sheep, goats and pigs).

Here you will have the opportunity to herd a flock through the mountains of Grazalema like a true shepherd. The affection with which Maria José treats her animals and her love for the products of the area result in top quality products.

Then we go to Grazalema.  Here you will discover a charming and pristine town, with dozens of little streets where you can let time pass. You can visit the workshop of Montserrat Hidalgo, a pottery teacher, who teaches you the art of pottery and helps you model the odd utensil. The experience of working with your hands leaves a great taste in your mouth.

The food at Casa Martín 1920 will make you fall in love with this village. It is the perfect mix of top quality products with attentive service and a welcoming atmosphere.

With your batteries fully charged, you face the Cerro Corros route. It is an excursion without great complications in which you will find Spanish firs, griffon vultures and fantastic views of the Sierra de Grazalema.

Once the route is finished, it is time to approach Zahara de la Sierra. You have probably read that it is a town with a touch of magic, but the idea you had is not even close to the reality. The reservoir, the neatness of the houses, the viewpoints and the network of narrow streets make you feel like you’re in a medieval fairy story.

And then back to the hotel.

It is time to recharge your batteries, as you still have something to do. You have decided to end the day with a bang, and you have signed up for the Dinner Design at Finca La Algaba. You really want to see what the great chef Benito Gómez has prepared for you.

Who is the White Villages tour for?

If you are attracted to those small movie towns through which history and tranquility run, this is your route.

2B Experiences has designed this experience with the idea of ​​combining the natural beauty of the Sierra de Grazalema with the charm of its villages, full of stories and traditions.

You will witness traces of the long Islamic presence in the area through the zigzagging network of streets and squares of its villages. And you will see how the legend of banditry is kept alive thanks to the handmade blankets woven in Grazalema.

We also propose you a hiking route in a unique environment and the tasting of products from the region.

The White Villages are the hidden beauty of the Cadiz mountains. Do you dare to discover them?

Do you have an agency and you are not selling the White Villages?

Well, remedy it because this experience triumphs like Coca-Cola. Get in touch with us and we will tell you how to incorporate it into your catalogue.



Prepare your day in the White Villages with 2B Experiences

Here we give you all the information you need so that you come prepared and nothing catches you unexpectedly.

This tour includes a hiking route of moderate difficulty
We recommend bringing appropriate clothing and footwear for the mountain.
It is also advisable to bring a backpack with water, a snack, glasses, etc.

What we offer

Expert guide in the area, in your language

Yoga or meditation instructor

Displacements throughout the day

Cheese and food tasting

Possibility of customizing the route

Three (+1) compelling reasons not to miss this route through the White Villages


The geographical point with the most rainfall in the entire Iberian peninsula.

The green of the landscape blends with the white of the houses, drawing a picture-perfect image of bucolic paradise.

Zahara de la Sierra

Another of the pearls of the White Villages of Cádiz.

Go up to the viewpoint of the main square to see the reflection of an enchanted town that the Gastor reservoir offers to you.

Cerro Coros Route

A route that thanks to its height gives you sensational views of the area.

See Ronda and the white villages in the heart of the mountains.

Dinner Design

An avant-garde dinner with mountain roots from the hand of a chef with two Michelin stars.

Live a dream evening at Finca La Algaba with the good work of Benito Gómez


The itinerary

We pick you up at your hotel, and all trips will be done in our private vehicle (BMW X3) or van. If you also choose to combine the White Villages Tour with our Dinner Design experience, we will pick you up at your hotel and take you back when the event ends.

The activities

◆ Meditation or yoga
◆ Visit to Payoyo Cheese, with tasting
◆ Visit to Grazalema and lunch at Casa Martín
◆ Cerro Coros hiking route
◆ Visit to Zahara de la Sierra
◆ Return to the accommodation
✺✺2 Michelin star dinner at Finca La Algaba (Optional)

And don’t forget that just by booking on our website


You will not find this tour for a lower price on any other website


We pick you up and take you back to your accommodation in our private transport


Dealing directly with us allows you to include activities that we do not have planned

Summary of the route through the White Villages

  • Duration: Pick up at 8:30 am and return to the hotel at 6:00 pm.In case of completing the day with the Dinner Design experience, our transport will pick you up again at your hotel at 7:00 p.m. and will take you back at the end of the event.


  • Distances from the hiking trails: 4 km.


  • Dates: This tour runs on Tuesdays and Saturdays, throughout the year.


  • Hours: 08: 30h: Pick up at the hotel – 09h: Meditation / yoga – 10: 30h: Visit to Payoyo Cheese – 13: 00h: Grazalema and lunch at Casa Martín 1920 – 14: 30h: Cerro Coro Route – 16: 30h: Zahara de la Sierra – 18: 00h: Return to the hotel.


  • Dinner Design schedule (optional activity): 7:00 p.m.: hotel pick-up – 7:30 p.m.: arrival at Finca La Algaba – 8:30 p.m.: Meditation – 9:00 p.m. Dinner Design Dinner by Benito Gómez —Transportation back to the accommodation.


  • Cost: € 200 (VAT included)


  • Cost Dinner Design by Benito Gómez: € 200 (VAT included)

Also included:

A guide who speaks your language

Private travel, there and back

Cheese and Food tasting

Make your reservation for the White Villages tour

Do you have any doubts?

We try to solve them here

Is it safe to take this route through the White Villages despite Covid-19?

  • Yes, it is. We take all necessary measures to protect both our clients and all the workers involved in our experiences.

Does the White Villages Tour include Benito Gómez's dinner at La Algaba farm?

  • No. Dinner Design by Benito Gómez is an independent experience. However, we offer the possibility of adding it to the morning tour to live a round day from sunrise to sunset.

Is this route only for women?

  •  No, of course you can come accompanied by a man. Although our main clients are women, we welcome anyone who wants to spend a pleasant day outdoors.

And can my children come?

  • The philosophy of 2B Experiences is to facilitate a carefree day for our clients and our routes are designed to meet that objective. Consequently, we prefer not to mix different profiles so that the experience is pleasant for all. However, if you want to organize a private tour with your whole family, do not hesitate to contact us and we will happily plan it.

Do I need to bring a mat to practice yoga or meditation?

  • It is not necessary, since 2B Experiencies we provide it to you. However, if you prefer, you can also bring your own.

Can I leave my things in the vehicle? For example, if I bring a change of shoes or buy a souvenir.

  • Yes, since the vehicle will be the same throughout the journey.

What happens if I am forced to cancel my reservation?

  • You can cancel without any cost with a maximum of 24 hours in advance.

Can I make the payment in cash on the day of the route?

  • We do not offer this possibility. Payments are made through our website, automatically and completely secure.

Can I give the exclusive White Villages tour to a friend?

  • Of course. Write to us to provide us with your information and we will proceed to confirm your reservation.

Does the price include a souvenir or local product?

  • No, any purchase in the places we visit is at the customer’s expense.

I am an agency and I would like to sell this experience, how do I do it?

  • Please contact us and we will give you all the information, including our special price for agencies.

Have you decided?

We hope we have clarified any possible question, but do not hesitate to write to us if you need more information.

And if you are one of those convinced and you are wanting to know the quiet beauty of the White Villages, booking with us is very easy from here and has the advantages that we have told you.

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