2B Experiences offers you five guided tours in Ronda that go beyond culture, gastronomy and nature.

Each one of them is a small break with your day to day existence, through wild landscapes, original activities and a calm rhythm that allows you to enjoy every moment.

What we offer you are simple pleasures: a moment of calm, a walk in good company, a fresh beer when your thirst strikes. WE ADD SOMETHING ELSE?  You bet we do!  Nature, yoga, … I would leave it at that, the activities are detailed later and this conveys general feelings of well-being.

And don’t foget – it all happens in an exceptional setting: the province of Malaga.

You do not need to travel to another country to change of scene. Nor do you need to plan activities for days; We do it for you.

You can come with friends, with your husband or alone. You will feel at home thanks to the confidence that small groups give.

2B Experiences makes it easy for you to do it your way. For you to do it.

What is so special that we have waiting for you?

Routes to enjoy step by step, without the pressure of the clock or the burden of a large group.

We want to escape the overcrowding and the stereotypes, so that your day with us does not fall into oblivion as soon as you get home.

That is whwhat our strengths are based on:

A deep knowledge of the región and a lopng track record of years spent in the local tourist sector.

Our offer is unique: we show you attractive tourist places and activities, but we combine this with a focus on relaxation and freedom from stress.

Our diary is full of contacts, and this allows us to listen to your ideas for a customized vacation, and turn them into reality.

We pay very careful attention to detail, and consequently every customer feels spoiled, and better-looked-after than they’ve ever been.

Because we deal in small groups (maximum 7 persons), we can provide highly-personalized treatment.

We have been scrupulous in selecting a hand-picked team, and every one of our staff shines with his or her own inner light.

And just in case you are wondering …

Why the experiences of 2B Experiences… on the 2B Experiences website?

Do not think that “Slow” experiences in the Serranía de Ronda is the only thing we offer.

Because we want to leave you without excuses so that you do not delay your well-deserved day of disconnection, here is the final push.

Only by making a reservation on our website can you take advantage of


The best price, guaranteed because you deal with us direct.


Transportation to and from sites, so you don’t have to think about logistics.


Levels of personalization and attention to detail which will leave you speechless.

Wait. Do you have an agency and you also want to distribute our experiences?

We make it easy for you; we love to reach all those travelers who want to spend a different day. Contact us and we will give you the details to start distributing them.

Sounds good to you? You want to know more?

At 2B Experiences we understand personalization as the way to make each client feel that she is in the right place at the right time.

This is why Sergio. The founder and the moving spirit of the Project, gets personally involved and will accompany you on the routes, to help you discover delicious gourmet foods and tell you a thousand anecdotes about the region.  He has known this landscape for years, and his aim is to make you fall hopelessly in love with Ronda, too.

We have mapped out the itineraries thinking of hiking enthusiasts, those who love gastronomy, those in love with historical romanticism …

And thinking of all those women who fight against the clock to dedicate a few minutes to their personal well-being

That is why all our guided tours in Ronda begin with a moment of “me-time” for you.

We’ve chosen five dream places, in the heart of Nature, where we can do yoga or meditation with our supervisor, Isa.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “black-belt yogi” or if you haven’t tried it yet.  The point of this activity is for your mind to take a breather and for you to launch your day with some peace and quiet.

And what awaits you later?

Several proposals with guided activities through the most emblematic places of the Serranía de Ronda:

Route of the White Villages

Route of the White Villages

On this route we present you two of the most resplendent jewels of the Serranía de Ronda: Grazalema and Zahara de la Sierra.

A day of disconnection, hiking and the best gastronomy in the area.

Nice little towns, here I come!

Ernest Hemingway route

Ernest Hemingway route

We have ridden this route to show you the favorite places of the American writer, who was fascinated by the romanticism of Ronda.

Do you want to know why?

The Romantic Travellers route

The Romantic Travellers route

An approach to the Ronda that dazzled the romantic travellers of the 19th century. History, banditry and delicious cuisine are the perfect combination for our most imaginative clients.

This is my route, I’m not missing this for anything!

Exclusive Tour of Ronda

Exclusive Tour of Ronda

A day that will dazzle you not only because of the obvious charms of Ronda. Antonio Naranjo, our very own walking encyclopedia, will show you the city from a fresh and entertaining perspective. 


Sounds very, very good



A restored farmhouse in the middle of the Serranía de Ronda, a chef with 2 Michelin stars and a private and exclusive evening in which everything is designed for your delight.


I'm already imagining it



A most normal service: food at home.

Of course, the food that we serve is not normal. We are talking about the tapas devised by chef Benito Gómez.

mmm smells good!


















And one more thing…

If you are going to organize an event for your company or even a wedding, 2B Experiences offers you an exclusive catalogue of dream locations. Places full of magic, personality and romanticism that become the perfect setting for large meetings. You just have to tell us the type of event you have in mind and we will recommend the most suitable spaces for you to make it happen.

Who is behind these guided tours in Ronda and its Serranía?

Carpe Diem.

If there is a concept that suits us like a glove, this is it. The one to live in the moment.

And we do it with a focus of serenity. Fleeing the rush of the city, the stress of getting back and forth and the emptiness of ending the weeks barely distinguishing one day from another.

Our experiences are born, precisely, from the desire to share a day of activity and connection with women wanting to put everything on hold.

Wanting to free numb emotions from the weight of everyday life.

That is why our final proposal is that of the little inner journey. A return to the calmer and more personal side of our clients driven by the majestic surroundings of the Serranía de Ronda.

Tourism has suffered a disaster in 2020; sure you have questions

Do you have a security protocol against Covid-19?

  • That’s how it is. All the activities offered guarantee sanitary hygiene in prevention of COVID-19. We disinfect the van with ozone and guarantee the use of sanitary protection material by service providers. There is no danger.

Can I go with my husband?

  • Of course. Although in general our project is focused on the female audience, men are also welcome. Our guided tours in Ronda are suitable for all people attracted by nature, culture, gastronomy and well-being.

Do I have to bring any special equipment for the excursions?

It is advisable that you bring water, sunscreen, a snack, comfortable clothing and mountain shoes.

Are there any separate expenses?

Our guided tours in Ronda do not include any type of merchandising or gourmet products, so if you dare to take a souvenir, it will be your responsibility.

What is the meeting point?

  • We make pick-ups from apartments in Ronda and hotels in Marbella and Estepona. You will find your specific meeting point on your proof of purchase, which you will receive by email and / or WhatsApp.

Can I give one of your guided tours in Ronda to a friend?

  • Of course. You just have to write to us before making your purchase to ensure your friend’s data and that’s it.

Is there the possibility of paying in cash on the day of the route?

  • We do not offer this option. The experiences are paid in advance through our booking engine (electronic payment and 100% secure).

What happens if I am forced to cancel the experience?

Do you take care of the organization of events and weddings?

  • We do not provide the event organization service. What we do is offer companies and individuals the possibility of celebrating them in exclusive spaces that are practically impossible to reserve by other means. Our network of contacts opens doors which have many deadbolts for the uninitiated.
”The mountain air, the rising sun, the appetite, the variety of picturesque things and people we encountered and the imminent danger, turned my life into a delight”

Benjamin Disrael

on his stay in Ronda

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